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Tired of dropping or losing your cell phone?

Don't say "my bad,... say Mi-phone-bag!"

Keeps your Galaxy NOTE, Android, or iPhone safe, secure, protected, and with you all the time. Never crack your phone screen with it hanging at your side. Carries up to 2 phones at once and even small tablets! Decorate it with gem stones and bedazzle your friends! Also store your credit cards, and other valuables, and extra batteries for your phone. You'll love your new travel companion - Airplanes, Amusement parks, concerts, sporting events, yard work, or where ever you need to keep your phone near by, No worries about your phone falling our your pocket, or the risk of harmful cell phone radiation by putting your phone next to your body. A GREAT gift for the holidays!

• 2 - sided.
• Multiple storage pockets for cell phones, small tablets, pens and etc.
• Adjustable neck strap

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Use this cool Mi-Phone-Bag to pack your Galaxy NOTE, all Android, and/or Apple iPhone cell phone. It also serves as a wallet; and it allows you hands-free and safe phone use! Mi Phone Bag keeps your Galaxy NOTE, Android, or iPhone safe, secure, protected, and with you all the time.

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